DC Netra Parent App

We are on a constant endeavor to deliver great value to our esteemed users. This is the place where we invite volunteers to participate in our pre-release versions for early feedback and suggestions. You may download the early release by following the steps given below. Note that this being a development release, certain functionality might not work as expected.

Download Pre-release Version

Follow the given steps carefully to install this version on your Android handset. Note that the procedure involves changing some system settings. Although it is not known to cause any crashing issues, it does make your handset somewhat vulnerable. Hence, handle carefully!

Uninstall existing version

Uninstall the existing version of your app as it won’t get upgraded and might not work as expected.

Understand the risks

You will be prompted about potential security risk of installing from an unknown source. 

Enable third party apps

This is an essential step in order to install the app from a source other than Google Play.

Download and install

Click the button below to download the app and follow the subsequent instructions to install the app.