Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing strategy is as startling as the uniqueness of the word STARTLING; take a letter out and there is a meaningful connected action that culminates into a great online presence success.

Digital Marketing Strategy

2021 has made online presence a must

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Express with a logo

Get yourself a beautifully crafted logo that explains your story and philosophy by adopting sound design guidelines.

Showcase on the web

Announce yourself on the web through an amazing website that explains your institution, products, services, offerings and solutions.

Be found with SEO

Get your website technically engineered and content optimized to reach out to the right people by featuring on the first page of SERP.

Get leads through Ads

Grab the opportunity through effective digital marketing by pitching at the right time to the right audience in an optimized budget for better leads.

Engage on social media

Keep your audience engaged on social platforms through technically designed and meticulously executed digital marketing strategies.

Create a video story

Explain yourself to the world through video brochures in the form of  videos with great storyline, direction and stunning animations.

Some of our creations

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Effective online presence increases admissions