Exam Management & Result Processing

Manage and collect scholastic, co-scholastic, behavioral, disciplinary and extracurricular data points for accurate performance assessment as per the requirements of CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, CISCE, and IB.

Managing exam process can be overwhelming

So many interdependent processes to be executed on stiff timelines is a big deal, or is it?

Defining marking scheme,creating exams, marks entry, attributes entry, assignment marks, computing attendance marks, declaring schedule, generation, verification, publishing and more…

Our carefully designed exam management and result processing module takes away the complexity by distributing the academic and administrative functions so that users focus on their designated areas of work.

And the result is…

A proven track record of over a decade of continuous compliance to board requirements relieve schools from the last minute rush

Having worked with top institutions, we understand the mandate for schools to comply with the calculations and formats of various boards, and reports to be submitted to ministries, and there is no additional charge to incorporate such mandatory customizations.


Got a question?

Here are our frequently answered questions to help you understand all that our comprehensive exam management system can do for your school.

Do you have any standard report card formats?

That’s the best outcome of our association with hundreds of schools across various boards. Today, we have a repository of over 200 report card formats that we can customize according to your school’s requirement. 

How can you be so sure about compliances?

Having the responsibility of managing school operations on DC, we also assume the responsibility of academic & finance compliances. It is for this reason that our team is always on its toes, probing and adapting the changes.

Which curriculums do you support?

Our software support CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, CISCE, IB and American curriculums. We can proudly say that three out of top five schools in the markets the we operate in, are using our proven platform.

Is marks entry so complicated?

Not at all. Our Gradebook offers a single console for managing academic performance. It is this place where you can enter marks of all types without having to leave your screen. Further, autosave feature ensure your work is saved on the fly.

Is result generation a nightmare for teachers & IT staff?

Result generation takes into consideration the curricular, cocurricular, extracurricular, behavioral and administrative aspects and hence is a very intense activity. Here’s the good news. Our platform has a messaging system that notifies the respective staff on completion of result generation. Thus the system works 24×7 while you sleep at peace!

Can parents access the report cards?

Sure. Parents can access complete information of their wards, including the current as well as past progress cards using the Parent Portal, as well as a friendly parent app that runs on Android, iOS and Huawei.

But we don't want fee defaulters to access report cards...

No problem, our integrated system detects fee defaulters, and if you want, deny them access to the progress cards.

Where can I see the complete academic snapshot of school?

Look no further than our Performance Analysis Tool. Compare academic performance on several parameters, across years, for a single student or against multiple students. You’ll get interesting insights for tweaking to get a better performance.