How a school converted buzzing chaos into smooth, silent and convenient online sales

Online uniform & book sale

It’s that period of the year when schools are about to start and there is plenty of excitement from parents and students, and great deal of action from the school staff. Almost all of the administrative staff, including the security guards are on a mission, to control the huge queues of parents filled with agonizing moments for having to wait in long queues in the scorching summer heat. The reason? Parents have queued up for purchasing books and uniforms from the school stores, where invoicing, counting, packaging and verification are taking place, all at one time, for several parents. And the result, chaos!

Here’s some statistic that will demonstrate the enormity.











Problems to be addressed

  • Reduce parent inconvenience
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Revalidate student and parent details
  • Save on cost of logistics
  • Conduct the uniform and book sale as a timebound activity

The solution

Our school decided to harness the complete power of the integrated modules with the objective of achieving the above results, and it did with great success. The school was already using Stores & Inventory modules internally. Additionally, they connected the VAT compliant invoicing and accounting modules integrated with the Payment Gateway and make it available on the Parent Portal for parents to select their book sets and uniforms and pay for the same online using secure payment gateway with choice of debit and credit cards.

The result

What used to be a chaotic event in which the entire school administration, including the security guards, was busy in handling large parent queues with agonizing moments, was converted into a seamless experience which went unnoticed even by the neighboring schools.


Parents were happy as they could make their purchases from the comfort of their homes


Zero errors as everything from stores to inventory to accounting was well connected


Parents had to revalidate their details on the Parent Portal before they could make any transactions

The testimony

On behalf of our school’s Senior Management Team, I would like to drop you a note to express our gratitude for the efforts and extra time put into the “Online Book Sale”. There were several points where your team’s excellent problem-solving skills and creativity allowed us to swiftly resolve issues that might have easily escalated into roadblocks. Your team has done a wonderful work in contributing talents and skills to Online Book Sale. We are glad to be one of your customer in the middle east region and looking forward to experience the same support in the future.